Multi-agent environment


ClientSony CSL Paris
Typemulti-agent simulation system
ToolsMacintosh Common LISP


Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris required a simulation environment to support experiments in the evolution of communication. The tool needed to represent populations of simulated language users, to allow experimental parameters to be manipulated, and the progress of interactions to be represented graphically.


The system developed was implemented using Macintosh Common LISP, and ran on Apple Macintosh computers under MacOS 9. It included a full graphical interface, for manipulating and observing the experiments. The environment provided a number of standard tools for capturing, displaying and exporting results. Simulation code was implemented as a number of distinct modules, allowing the same environment to be used and extended for different experiments.

The Babel environment was subsequently extended to support the Talking Heads experiment, in which mobile software agents were transmitted between remote workstations running copies of the Babel software. Modules to support robust transportation of net-mobile agents and interfacing with steerable digital cameras were added to the core Babel system.

The Babel system was jointly developed with colleagues at Sony CSL Paris. Angus McIntyre was the chief software architect and lead developer.