Personal blog


ClientLovat Stephen
Typepersonal blog
ToolsHTML, PHP, MySQL, MovableType


Lovat Stephen, a British journalist and writer, required a website to publish articles about wine and spirits.


The article format corresponded closely to a typical weblog, so the solution was based on an off-the-shelf piece of blogging software, in this case MovableType. A set of custom templates were designed to give the site a distinctive look and feel.

The basic blogging functionality was extended by implementing a subject index for the site. The articles written by Mr Stephen deal primarily with wines, so the site includes indexes by vintage, grape, region and producer. Visitors to the site can click links in the index to see a list of articles related to the index item. The indexing technology was built using Perl, PHP and a MySQL database.

Basic visual design for the site is also by nomadcode.