Scientific website


ClientSony Computer Science Laboratory Paris
Typewebsite and content management system


Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris needed a website to provide information about its research activities, both to other companies within the Sony group and to academic and industry contacts. The objective was to develop an attractive, well-structured site that would serve both as a showcase for the advanced research carried out at the laboratory and as a scientific resource, giving access to the laboratory's extensive library of publications.


The site developed contains a mixture of static HTML pages and pages dynamically generated from a database. The static pages of the site were authored as XML documents that describe the information content of each page. These are then transformed into HTML using XSLT stylesheets and a custom processor, simplifying maintenance and ensuring a consistent look and feel across the site.

The dynamically-created pages are generated online from a database using PHP scripts. The database stores details of the scientific work carried out at the laboratory - topics, publications, researchers, press information, link lists - which are inserted into the pages as required. Keyword search of publications in the database is supported, while a custom Perl script provides 'intelligent' search of the website itself. Back-end tools allow each researcher to update information concerning their projects and publications in the database.