reserved domains

Certain domains have been reserved by nomadcode or a partner for future development projects. In some cases, these domains may be available for sale.

Domain name speculation - buying up a domain in the hope of then reselling it for more than you paid for it - has hurt the Internet by keeping names from those who have a genuine use for them. All these domains were registered in good faith with the intention of using them as the basis for a project. However, lack of time has meant that I or my partners haven't yet executed the intended project.

If you think you could put one of these names to better use, please contact me to make an offer, and let me know how you would like to use the name (all information will be treated as confidential). If you have a really good project - or offer a great deal of money - then I might, at my discretion, sell the domain to you.

These domains are not for sale to domain name speculators. You must have a genuine project in mind before I'll consider selling the name.

Other domains that are the basis of a current project by nomadcode or a partner can be seen on the domains page.