spam policy

nomadcode is firmly opposed to the sending of unsolicited commercial email, known as 'spam'.

No domain hosted by nomadcode will ever be allowed to send spam. Sending spam using nomadcode resources, or advertizing a website or mailbox hosted by nomadcode is grounds for immediate termination of service.

No user of any domain hosted by nomadcode wishes to receive any spam. If you are a spammer, this is your official notice that you may not send unsolicited commercial email to any domain hosted by nomadcode, nor may you gather email or messenger addresses from websites hosted by Nomadcode, nor may you use contact forms on these websites to transmit unsolicited messages to the domain owner or to anyone else. This blanket ban applies to all domains hosted by nomadcode.

nomadcode is an Internet Access Service, as defined by the amended US Communications Act of 1934. Consequently, under the terms of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, nomadcode is authorized to bring civil actions in any district court of the United States, against any US-based spammer whose activities adversely impact the operation of the service.

nomadcode makes available a state-of-the-art spam-filtering service to its customers. Unsolicited mail is unlikely to reach its intended recipients without being tagged, filtered and discarded. Abusers who persist in attempting to send spam to domains hosted by nomadcode may, at our discretion, be traced and reported to their Internet access or hosting providers, as well as any appropriate authorities.